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For 22 years, this was my intro to Healthy Vision on KFNX Radio, From the Opera Turandot, Vincero! Vincero! 
I will conquer, I will conquer. 
Join me for the Vision Special Event 2023, where we will help you conquer your vision loss

Vision Special Event 2023! 

Spend a few Saturday Afternoons with Dr. Kondrot and Friends! 

 This is a 4 week-end event, every Saturday at Noon EST beginning Feb 18th and will last 4 weekends. At these Saturday Afternoon events you will learn the latest to restore lost  vision and also have the opportunity to ask questions! All sessions will be recorded and will be posted online for you to view at your convenience.

   Dr. Edward Kondrot
"Proven alternative treatments  to restore lost vision"
Ophthalmologist and Homeopathic Doctor, Author of 7 best selling books and Host of Healthy Vision Radio!
"Update on Vision Special Event!"
Dear Friend,

Great news!  We are excited to announce this years Vision Event 2023!

This year we will have 8 speakers presenting valuable information over  4 consecutive Saturdays from  Noon EST to 2:00 PM. Each session will be recorded.  

The fee for the event is $89.95 and you will  receive $116.4 in bonuses.

So mark your calendar! We want to help you conquer your vision loss!

Special Bonuses when you register!

Here is a partial list of valuable bonuses!

  • Victor Marcel Vega- Rejuvenation Protocol PDF and Audio File- $20.00
  • ​Edward Kondrot- Chelation and detox Book PDF- $14.95
  • ​Jacob Liberman- Wisdom from an Empty Mind PDF- $6.50
  • ​Craig Brown- Discount on Ocufolin (medical food for the eye) -$15.00
  • ​Frank Shallenberg- free 3-month subscription to Second Opinion- $10.00
  • ​Charles McWilliams- Electric and Electromagnetic Healing-$30.00
  • ​Karl Robinson-Small Doses Big Results: How homeopathic medicine offers hope in chronic disease- $19.50
More bonuses to be announced!

All Events will be Recorded

Feb 18th Noon
Color Therapy for Stress Reduction and Vision Improvement
Jacob Liberman

Feb 25th Noon  
Essential Oils
Victor Marcial Vega

March 4th Noon  
Chelation and Detox
John Trowbridge

March 11th-  Noon
Ozone Therapy
Frank Shallenberger 

1:00 PM
A new Approach to managing retinal blood flow
Craig Brown

1:00 PM 
Karl Robinson

1:00 PM 
Primer of Aether Medicine
Charles McWilliams

1:00 PM 
Restoring lost vision: Evidence for Alternative treatments 

Edward Kondrot

Sign up NOW for the Vision Event 2023! Only $89.95!

Receive $116.40 in valuable bonuses ! 

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