Healing the Eye and Wellness Center Presents
Update on Vision Special Event 2021! 

All recordings are now available! 

 This is a 5 week event, every Saturday at Noon EST beginning Jan30th and will last 5 weekends. At these Saturday Afternoon events you will learn the latest to restore lost  vision and also have the opportunity to ask questions! All sessions will be recorded and will be posted online for you to view at your convenience.
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The Event is FREE, but we are requesting a small donation to the Restore Vision Foundation (a 501c3). 100% of your donations will go to Eye Surgical Missions.

   Dr. Edward Kondrot
"America's Favorite Eye Doctor"
Ophthalmologist and Homeopathic Doctor, Author of 7 best selling books and Host of Healthy Vision Radio!
"Update on Vision Special Event!"
Dear Friend,
Great news!  We are excited to announce this years Vision Event 2021!

This years event will be held on 5 consecutive Saturdays at Noon EST. Each session will be recorded.  The event is free but we are asking you to make a small donation to the Restore Vision Foundation. 100% of donations go toward our mission work all over the world.

I am honored to be selected as the Ophthalmic Director of the MercyShips for more information on our mission work go to

So mark your calendar! We will bring the event to you so you can join us in the comfort of your own home!

Topics Include:

Jan 30th
Recording available
Drug repurposing (also called drug repositioning, reprofiling or re-tasking) is a strategy for identifying new uses for approved or investigational drugs that are outside the scope of the original medical indication. A common antibiotic that can prevent progression of ARMD!

Feb 6th
Recording available
1) Everything (I hope) you need to know about Microcurrent! Including new approaches using microcurrent. 
2) Antennas and receivers of frequencies in our body. 
3) Low current is better. Nanoampere technology. 
4) New Research on microcurrent signaling to regulate biochemical functions. 
5) Now Remote programing of your machine

Feb 13th
Recording available
1) Water and hydration.
2) Neglected treatments we all need to know to detox.
3)  Updates on the gold standard of chelation, EDTA chelation. 
4) Steps you need to take now!

Feb 20th
Recording available
The homeopathic approach to help in healing vision problems
Homeopathy saved my life! I want it to change your life tool
Learn the true cause of all disease

Feb 27th
Recording available
Take the next step to reverse your vision loss!
Online remote Restore Lost Vision Program
New online programming of your microcurrent machine to help you achieve your best results
Open for all questions

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