Eliminate Annoying Floaters!
  • Do you have annoying floaters?
  • Are they interferring with your life?
  •  Are you frustrated that nothing can be done?
  • ​Wondering why modern science does not have a solution?
Does your vision look like this?
Normal Vision without floaters!
Laser Floater Treatment, LFT
Laser Floater Treatment, LFT, is a minimally invasive, in-office procedure that can provide much-needed relief from eye floaters. It can also delay or obviate the need for invasive surgery
 Edward Kondrot, M.D., Board Certified Ophthalmologist and Homeopathic Doctor
Hello! My name is Edward Kondrot, M.D., as a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and Homeopathic Doctor, author of seven best selling books and host of "Healthy Vision Talk Radio I would like to share with you something very important that will eliminate your floaters! "

As founder and director of "The Healing the Eye and Wellness Center" I've spent the last 30 years searching for the most effective and safest answers to vision loss. 

While floaters can be overlooked as a common symptom of vitreous deterioration, the adverse effect that they can have on a patient’s quality of life is sometimes significant enough to warrant treatment. A study of over 300 outpatients reported that floaters had the same negative impact on quality of life as age-related macular degeneration.

There is now an accurate, effective treatment that is FDA approved to eliminate floaters. There is now a safe and highly effective tool for the treatment of vitreous opacities.