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Exciting news! After 22 years of broadcasting Healthy Vision on KFNX Radio there will be new change to make Healthy Vision better than ever! Healthy Vision will now be hosted on Live Stream! The 4th Saturday of every month!
The show to keep you healthy and to help you have clear vision!

The past Healthy Vision Radio is now 
recorded on a Podcast!

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Healthy Vision- My guest is Dr. Mitch Fleisher
Restoring eye health with nutraceuticals, peptides, exosomes, and homeopathy!
Saturday, July 22nd 9:00 AM EDT

Recent Podcasts

Dr. James McNair, Opthalmologist who embraces alternative treatments to restore lost vision!
June 24, 2023

Dr. Sarah Jang Optometrist and Homeopath!
May 27, 2023

It is rare to find an eye doctor who embraces alternative therapies. I have good news! I just met an Optometrist from Ontario, Canada, who practices homeopathy! Join me on the Healthy Vision Podcast on May 27th at 1:00 PM EDT. Homeopathy to Heal Eye Diseases. My guest is Dr. Sarah Jang, an Optometrist who practices homeopathy, and we will discuss how she is expanding her practice using homeopathy.

Healthy Vision Podcast
May 20, 2023

Ask Dr. Kondrot a question and learn more about how to restore lost vision with proven alternative treatments!

Vision Event 2023

My presentation on Homeopathy at the Christian Ophthalmology Society!

Improving your vision in a medical system gone amok!

Homeopathy may just save your life!

Did you miss the Vision Event 2022?

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The past Healthy Vision Radio is now 
recorded on a Podcast!

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