Limited opportunity to become an exhibitor at the Vision Event!
February 15 and 16, 2020
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Now an Online Live Streaming Event
 Large patient base that we have across the whole world. 
We have many patients from Australia, England, Nigeria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Bolivia, South America, Caribbean Islands, Africa, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc .. who have requested this be done online because they can not make the trip to Florida. This will greatly increase our attendance!
  • Free event for all of Dr. Kondrot's patients. (10,000+ invitations)
  • ​All attendees have invested in the Kondrot Program for restoring vision
  • ​Attendees are investigating other methods to improve their health
  • ​Opportunity to answer attendees questions online
  • ​Opportunity to  give a 30 to 60 min lecture on Sunday Morning on your product and services. During the live stream you will be able to answer questions from listeners
  • ​Host a  1 to 2  hour workshop on Sunday Afternoon
  • ​All presentations  will be availble on line for for future viewing 
NEW! If you qualify I will interview you on my National Radio Show discussing your services and this will be converted to a PodCast!